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The 1ST LAR BN Association

Is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Created to provide support, and preserve the historic evolution of the unit, from its genesis as the First Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) Battalion (BN), to the First Light Armored Infantry (LAI) BN and to the current First Light Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) BN.

Founded to foster connections, fellowship, social communications and support to those Marines, Sailors and the families who have served, are serving or have supported, the 1st LAR BN.

The Association has been founded to provide charitable and transitional support to our fellow Marines, Sailors and their families but, above all, to fund a “Living Memorial” at the 1st LAR BN headquarters to honor those LAR Marines who have given all for our freedom.

The Marine Corps is a “Band of Brothers” and the 1st LARBN Association represents the best of what our Corps stands for. This Association cuts across:

Age Differences | Rank Differences | Race | Socio/Economic Differences

The Association has members from all areas of life. You may find those you already have a camaraderie with or meet those you would have desired to serve with. You will have the delight of consorting and conversing with some of the most distinguished people on earth, men and women who served with or in support of the 1st Marine Division. Join the 1st LARBN Association and we can partake in our experiences together.


The 1st LARBN Association is where Marines and Sailors who now serve, or who have served, unite as a “Family of Warriors” and experience that inexplicable Quality that distinguishes us, known as “Esprit de Corps”


Our annual anniversary and reunion festivities, provide a location for all generations of Warriors to congregate and treasure the Family of Arms that our esteemed Division represents. We renown our past heroes and commend the current generation who is writing history in Iraq and Afghanistan presently and on unknown shores tomorrow.

If you would like to be a part of our community, want to know more about the association, or have any other questions please contact us.