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Living Memorial Project

The 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion Association Living Memorial Project will create a permanent memorial in dedication to the Marines who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.

 The Current Memorial

The Initial Memorial was designed by the 1st LAI Battalion and represents the 14 Marines who paid the ultimate price during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

Preparations have already begun at the Command in anticipation of the new LAR memorial.

 The New Living Memorial

Has been designed to complement the existing Memorial created by Task Force Sheppard Marines.

Designed by an LAI Desert Shield & Desert Storm Veteran who supported efforts to send the 1st LAR Marines lost home; this memorial is truly designed from the heart.

The Memorial will include each campaign’s fallen Marines to ensure all of LAR’s fallen Marines are represented.

For nearly 3 decades  1st LAR Marines continues to stand ready to defend Our Nation and its Liberty.

Now is the time to provide funding to build a ‘Living’ Memorial at Las Flores, Camp Pendleton, California in an effort to honor all LAR Marines who died protecting America’s Interests.